Montag, 20. Mai 2013

Back to Sri Lanka

Yes it is true - I'm leaving to Sri Lanka again; starting end of this month for three weeks (of course after CL final, where I'll support Dortmund). It's horrible, how we are treated by the weather. Now is nearly end of May and we can count the days we could sit outside in the beergarden only on one hand. And the last days the weather changed daily: Friday - cloudy and some rain; Saturday: Sunny and warm - right for BBC; Sunday: rain all day; Monday: cloudy, cold and windy. I will not complain because I know other parts of Europe it is even more worse. 

That's one reason, why I go to Sri Lanka again. The others are seeing C. again and see how our projects are developed. Think it will be a good balance between recreation and forcing our projects. I know that one of the family members made a driving license for a TukTuk and now it should be realized that we check out a vehicle to start them business running. 

Todays track is from my favorite Stevie Wonder album 'Innervisions'. 
Enjoy and have a good week.

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charity chic hat gesagt…

Enjoy Sri Lanka Walter
Classic Stevie Wonder track
Will be cheering on Dortmund from Glasgow!